Project Update


After going through module 8, which focused on landscape and mobile, I began working on another exhibit. This exhibit is a story map of the American Whiskey Trail. Created by the Distilled Spirits Council, the trail consists of historic sites and operating distilleries that provide background into the historical and cultural heritage of American spirits. While both the historic sites and operating distilleries are identified on the map, only the historic sites have text and images associated with them. Several of the sites relate back to the Whiskey Rebellion, another exhibit that I have been working. I felt that by adding this aspect, I would be able to highlight the historical significance of the event, location, and associated items, while also relating the information back to something more modern that my target audience may appreciate.

I have also been working on the Whiskey Rebellion exhibit and the display of the sections for each exhibit. I have also just begun the process of adding the transcription interface to the site. I have had some minor set backs with this as I work to get the image viewer working. It is something that I have done before, however I believe there is some javascript interference/conflicts taking place and am working to narrow down and fix the issue.  Hopefully I will be completing this section soon and can move on to other aspects of the project.

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