National Parks and New Audiences

Coslett and Chalana focus on two parks in Washington, the WMNHS and the SJINHP. They address both positive elements and areas for improvements. The primary area for improvement was in the interpretation and the need to incorporate multiple viewpoints. This leads into the need to address and uncover the complexities of history, which is an ongoing process and similar to the thoughts surrounding the Wikipedia articles in this module. These articles are required to be written in an unbiased way, a practice which could help the NPS in regards to problem of interpretation. However, these aspects should be focused on while still adhering to the parks’ directives.

Their recognition to incorporate multiple viewpoints also incorporates ideas we have discussed so far. This course has helped to solidify the need incorporate multiple types of resources in an exhibit or teaching lesson when possible and plausible. The use of various resources allows for information to be gathered and portrayed in a number of ways. Identifying the need to present various viewpoints is similar in a way to this idea.

I would also argue that they take incorporation of various viewpoints to the next level. In order to increase the audience and reach a more diverse audience, I think they should find collaborative opportunities with groups and organizations from diverse backgrounds who can provide a deeper insight into some of the topics that they are working on. Furthermore, I would encourage them to use more digital resources that can be used readily on mobile devices. Such a large amount of the population stays connected using mobile devices and it could be a way to quickly engage more at least with certain target audiences.

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