Module 8 Post

It was really interesting watching these videos and seeing the challenges that other students faced when constructing their projects, especially in how they related to some of my own struggles. The most relatable challenges were the short time frame to produce the projects as well as determining a feasible scope for the project. This is something that I struggled with, not just for this project, but also for the previous semester projects. There is just so much information that I want to capture and highlight in different ways, and so many ways that I want to engage with users that I usually end up biting off more than is manageable.

My current project was no exception to this. There are so many women who lived in Colonial Williamsburg that I could have discussed, some of which who worked in capacities that I didn’t get to discuss (as nurses, dressmakers, teachers, etc.). There are also a number of them who fit into the topics that I was already discussing, that I did not talk about it and wish that I could have. Additionally, I really wanted to incorporate a map which showed where their shops were in relation to one another in order to see if there was any connection into where they were located. And lastly, have a better way to incorporate the primary sources, outside of just providing transcriptions of them. But there just wasn’t enough time!

This course was a summer semester course, which means it covers a lot of information in shorter amount of time than what the Fall or Spring semesters would. It also means that there are less weeks to complete the final project. However, knowing that other people struggled with this aspect and hearing them discuss those challenges helped me feel a bit better about feeling a bit pressed for time.

I am currently working to finish up some aspects of the project as the final version is due in the next couple of days. However, if I find the time to continue it, I would like to find a more robust way to incorporate all of my ideas and make this project a really detailed and informational resource.


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