Incorporating Digital Tools

As I think more concretely about my class project and how to incorporate digital tools/media, I have thought about two possible solutions. My project will be focused on women who challenged the stereotypical gender roles of colonial America. The women being focused on were business women and I am thinking that one possible solution will be to use the primary source documents to illustrate who these women interacted with and did business with. This would potentially highlight a business network and possibly a social network of how these women integrated themselves into society, who sought their services, and why.

My second thought on incorporating digital tools/media, would be to create a map. This map could show where these women/their business were located. It would be pull in information from a city or business directory or from the Virginia Gazette and mash that information up with a map.It could then start to spur the initial questions of regarding any relations between these women themselves, how their location may have influenced their clientele and success, etc. This map could also eventually be incorporated with the network analysis being built above to further any questions or analysis.

While still very much in an initial thought process, I think these approaches will start to encourage people to think about variances of women during this time. I am hoping that this will raise questions and thoughts about women not just as home makers and socialites, but as career  minded individuals who performed a number of roles and made specific decisions to maintain their business, including maintaining specific relationships.

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