Final Project – Sixth Piece

Over the course of this semester I have had to time to think and rethink aspects of my semester project. This project will continue to focus on women from Colonial Williamsburg. These women were business owners and working women. They worked as tavern keepers, milliners and dressmakers, merchants, and printers. This project will incorporate information from both primary and secondary sources to explain what each of these professions were and to provide details about specific women from this time and place. Details will include information regarding not only their business but also aspects of their personal lives (wealth, children, whether or not they were married or widowed, etc.) in order to illustrate the complexities of their lives).

At the start of the project, I will have the audience look at a series of images. After looking at an image for 1 – 2 minutes, they should record or discuss visual observations that they made. They should then create a scenario or back ground story for the painting and the individuals within it. This should be done for each image. Upon completion they will then be able to go through and read about the various women that have been identified for this project. Users should then reanalyze the paintings, creating new scenarios that incorporate some of the information that they have learned. The analysis for the paintings should be compared to one another in order to determine what changed, and how users are now viewing the role of women within this time period.

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