Final Project – Fifth Piece

One of the resources that I will be using in my project is titled “Women Merchants and Milliners in Eighteenth Century Williamsburg” by Eleanor Kelley Cabell that was published by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in August 1988. There are several reasons that I chose to use to resource. First and foremost, from the title alone, I was able to tell that it would most likely have relevant information for my project. It focuses on women from the particular geographic location I am interested in and who held positions that I am focusing on. It was also published by a credible organization.

The driving point in deciding to use this resource however, was the amount of research and use of primary sources to write it. Cabell uses a number of diaries and letters, newspapers articles and advertisements from the Virginia Gazette, county records, land records, church/parish records, will and inventories, and more in constructing this book. The use of these materials really emphasizes the validity in the information presented. Furthermore, the number of women she identifies as milliners or merchants (14 to be exact) further emphasizes one of the key points that I wish to make with my project, and that is there were a number of women who worked/owned business during the colonial period which can be seen when looking at Colonial Williamsburg.

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