Project Update, Exhibit Work

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Last week I focused more on the exhibit layout, looking for ways to display the different exhibits and to divide up the information into sections, on different pages, so that they were not too overwhelming. The work is best illustrated by looking at the exhibits page and at the Whiskey […]

American Spirits – Proposal

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When considering historical events, one does not immediately consider the role spirits such as whiskey, bourbon, and rum played in the United States. The distillation of these alcoholic beverages were a popular past time of colonial and post-colonial Americans. This past time and the need to replenish government funding led […]

Audience, Engagement, and Co-creation

When creating a digital public history project, it is important to consider the target audience, engagement with such an audience, and how these two concepts can be used together to create a better product. By formulating a target audience and determining how to engage with them, it will be possible […]

Performing User Research

User research is a resourceful way to gauge how users may interact with something that you create. In order to perform any user research, it is important to first identify a target audience.  This step is important in identifying the type of users that will be a part of the […]