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The ProQuest Research Library provides access to full-text periodicals – journals, professional publications, trade publications, magazines, biographies, correspondence, images and much more. There are thousands of periodicals, covering a range of over 150 subjects and topics. As a multidisciplinary database, you have access to the following:

  • Research Library: Business
  • Research Library: Health & Medicine
  • Research Library: History
  • Research Library: Literature & Language
  • Research Library: Science & Technology
  • Research Library: Social Sciences
  • Research Library: The Arts


The materials found in the ProQuest Research Library can be found through full-text searching using both a basic and advanced search form and limited down to materials that were peer reviewed. The advanced search options allow for the search to be narrowed down by performing full-text searches on specific fields instead of the entire record. Additional filter options include publication date, source type, document type, and language. Furthermore, it is possible to sorts results, identify how many appear on a page, and allow for duplicate records to be displayed.

Item Records

Materials found in this database have a number of fields associated with them in order to capture various types of metadata. This includes:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publication Title
  • Volume
  • Issues
  • Pages
  • Publication Year
  • Publication Date
  • Publisher
  • Place of Publication
  • Publication Subject
  • ISSN
  • Copyright
  • and more.

Also included when possible are an abstract and the full text of the item, pdf, download and translation options, and links to related items. Some of items have links to the resource outside of ProQuest for the items whose full text content is not available in the ProQuest Research Library.

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Date range: 1971 to the Present

Publisher: Due to the amount of materials from various journals, magazines, and newspapers, there a variety of publishers that can be found on the ProQuest Research Library database. Some include but are not limited to Oxford Publishing Limited, NPR, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd, Aspen Publishers, Inc., and American Association of Retired Persons.

Object type: There a number of object types in this database, such as:

  • Advertisements
  • Annual Reports
  • Articles
  • Audio/Video Clips
  • Biographies
  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Conference Papers
  • Correspondences
  • Dictionaries/Glossaries
  • Directories
  • Editorials
  • Government & Official Documents
  • Illustrations
  • Image/Photographs
  • Interviews
  • Obituaries
  • Poems
  • Recipes
  • Reviews
  • Speech/Lectures

Location of original materials: The location of the original materials varies greatly due to the amount of variety in materials within the database.

Exportable image or file? When available, PDFs of the materials can be exported. This is primarily for text based resources. For other document types, links are often provided to the online resource.

Full text searchable? Yes, full text searching can be done across all fields, or narrowed down to search across specific ones.

Titles list links? Yes.

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ProQuest Research Library encompasses materials from large number of journals, periodicals, and magazines. Due to this, the formats used to provide the full text can differ and can depend on the original publication. The publications selected are based on a broad selection policy:

  1. Reputation of the journal and/or publisher
  2. Coverage of key subject areas
  3. Coverage of new or emerging subject areas
  4. Academic merit of the publication (impact factors or favorable reviews)
  5. Popularity of the title (consumer or general interest periodicals)
  6. Availability of full text rights
  7. Demand for the title
  8. Fills a need for a language or country of publication

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The ProQuest Research Library is sometimes included as part of the ProQuest Bundle. A review of the bundle including the Research Library can be found at

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Access to the materials of the Research Library is based on a paid license subscription. Customers, such as libraries and academic intuitions, can provide access to authorized users, staff, residents, students, faculty, and visiting scholars. Remote access can be granted via a secure network and secure authentication methods.

Every effort is made to make content fully accessible and that all ProQuest Research Library pages comply with Web accessibility guidelines.

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Citations for each item are made available with each record. The citations are available in a number of formats and cite the original publication of the item. While automatically generated, the accuracy and completion of the citation should always be checked. When possible, the ProQuest Research Library should also be cited as the digital resource used to find the item. This allows for libraries, archives, academic institutions, and others to know whether or not the resource is helpful, should be added to, or others like it created.

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