December 2014

Masters, Library and Information Science
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

May 2011

Bachelor of Arts
University of Virginia

Major – History
Major – Art History
Minor – Religious Studies.

Additional Certifications

In progress

Digital Public Humanities
George Mason University

April 2017

LSP (Local Support Partner) Pro Certification
University of Virginia

June 2016

Creating Lamp Infrastructure for Digital Humanities Projects
DHSI (Digital Humanities Summer Institute), University of Victoria, Canada

April 2013

Web Basic Certification
University of Virginia

April 2013

Web Design Certification
University of Virginia

Digital Publishing Fundamentals
CSS: Formatting Visual Data
Drupal 7 Custom Module Development
Responsive Design with Drupal
Drupal 7: Creating and Editing Custom Themes
Analyzing You Website to Improve SEO
Adobe Captivate 8 First Look
Drupal 7 Advanced Training
Google Analytics Essential Training
Before & After: Logo Design Tips and Tricks

Work Experience
Center for Digital Editing, University of Virginia
Research Editor

February 2013 - Present

Washington Papers (previously The Papers of George Washington), University of Virginia
Research Editor

I assisted in the transcription of George Washington’s financial documents and their entry into the original FileMaker Pro database. I also developed an understanding of FileMaker Pro in order to make necessary changes including the addition or altering of fields and scripts, and exporting the content into necessary formats. Furthermore, I gained a detailed understanding of Drupal, working to develop, maintain, and move the Financial Papers Project from FileMaker and into a freely accessible Drupal. Additionally, I helped update the cumulative index, worked on xml files, and created several visualizations based on Washington’s financial documents.

April 2014 - May 2015

University of Virginia Press, University of Virginia

While working for the digital imprint of the UVA Press, Rotunda, I aided in the digital representation of several documentary editions, including the: Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Papers of John Jay, Papers of Andrew Jackson, and the Papers of James Madison. The tasks for this position encompassed proofreading the online documents, and editing XML files by adding tags for cross references and checking the table of contents.

May 2011 - April 2014

Dolley Madison Digital Edition, University of Virginia
Assistant Editor

During this position, I transcribed, proofread and tandem read documents written to, from, and about Dolley Madison. I also entered the documents with necessary xml tags into the FileMaker Pro database, in addition to researching and writing glossary entries on the people, places, and terms mentioned within the documents.


June 2017, Victoria, Canada

SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing) 2017
"Making George Washington's Financial Documents Accessible: Transcription, Data, And The Drupal Solution"

October 2016, Mount Vernon, Virginia

Region & Nation in American Histories of Race and Slavery
"The Exploration of New Tools for the Research and Study of Slavery Using George Washington's Ledgers and Data Visualizations"

July 2016

ADE (Association for Documentary Editing)
New Approaches to Publishing Digital Editions - Panel

June 2016

DH 2016
"Making George Washington's Financial Documents Accessible: Transcription, Data, And The Drupal Solution"

April 2016

MEDEA (Modeling semantically Enriched Digital Editions of Accounts)
"George Washington Financial Papers Project: Building Content-Specific Taxonomies and System Specifications"

October 2015

MEDEA (Modeling semantically Enriched Digital Editions of Accounts)
"George Washington Financial Papers: Documents & Data"

June 2015 - Present

ADE (Association for Documentary Editing)
"The Washington Papers: Refashioning Documentary Editing for the Future: Creativity, Collaboration, Expansion” - Panel

2016, 2017

DHSI (Digital Humanities Summer Institute), University of Victoria, Canada
Conceptualizing and Creating a Digital Edition; Drupal for Digital Humanities Projects
ADE (Association for Documentary Editing)
Webmaster, Chair of the Website Committee

While working at the Washington Papers I have been able to work on several Drupal sites. These sites were constructed for various uses including the project document catalog, the website for the Financial Papers Project, and another for the Bibliography Project. Like WordPress, working with Drupal has increased my knowledge of HTML and CSS, allowing me to work on making aspects of the site responsive and has exposed me to the PHP and JavaScript programming languages. I have also been able to understand and work on more complex aspects of Drupal from multisite installations to the editing of major template files for site customizations.


By using WordPress for both professional and personal uses, I have become knowledgeable in the use of this content management system, continued to expand my knowledge of CSS and HTML, and understand important aspects of creating and maintaining sites through the use of regular backups, child-themes, and other necessities. I also began to understand SEO and its importance in web development.

Adobe Programs

Through my certifications and classwork I have gained a thorough understanding of several of the Adobe programs such as Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Captivate 9, and Photoshop, all of which can assist in the development of web design and increase the educational aspect of historical scholarship.

Microsoft Office Programs and Mac OS X

I am proficient in many of the Microsoft programs including Word, Excel and Picture Manager, which can be constantly used in documentary editions. Furthermore, I am proficient on both PC and Mac operating systems.

FileMaker, Doctracker

A program developed through FileMaker to help keep a digital record of documents, discover relationships, and allow for the publication of digital edition projects like the Dolley Madison Digital Edition, the Papers of Eliza Lucas Pickney & Harriott Pinckney Horry, 1739 – 1830, the Kentucky Civil War Governors and more. While I have detailed experience working within this FileMaker system, I also have experience moving projects out of this environment and into other CMS platforms.