Project Update, Exhibit Work

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exhibitsLast week I focused more on the exhibit layout, looking for ways to display the different exhibits and to divide up the information into sections, on different pages, so that they were not too overwhelming. The work is best illustrated by looking at the exhibits page and at the Whiskey Ring exhibit. The over all layout for the exhibits includes an image and linked title. When a user hovers over the image, they are provided with a quick description as to what that exhibit or event is.

When looking at the Whiskey Ring itself, I have removed the information about the people involved and the places involved from the main page, so that it was not cluttered and overwhelming. These are now provided as links on the right under the name Sections. The associated cities and distilleries section displays a list of seized distilleries and property which have not yet been added to the map below. Only the locations in St. Louis have bewho was involveden added as of now, and the major cities are also identified. Furthermore, the section showing who was involved provides wood paneled stick notes. When a user hovers over it, the particular panel zooms in and reveals information about the individual. The textual content is still being worked on for the particular contents, but I am hoping that they will continue to develop.

I have not had a chance to being work on the crowd sourced transcription aspect or the badgification aspect yet, but hope to begin that next. Additionally I am working on including on an additional exhibit of the American Whiskey Trail and relating the historic places from this to the project exhibits.

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