HIST 689 – Intro

I am the Academic Discipline-Specific Technology Professional (ADSTP) at the Washington Papers (formerly known as the Papers of George Washington) and the Project Developer for the Center for Digital Editing where I work on digital documentary editing projects at the University of Virginia. Last year I attended DHSI (the Digital Humanities Summer Institute) in Victoria, Canada where I co taught Creating and Conceptualizing a Digital Edition alongside colleagues Cathy Hajo and Jennifer Stertzer. I will be returning next to co teach Drupal for Digital Humanities Projects with Quinn Dombrowski.

My experiences in digital humanities has really pushed me to want to continue and learn more. I enjoy experimenting with new technologies, challenging myself, and creating visualizations based off of the material I am currently working with. However, I also enjoy presenting that information to the public and making the information accessible. The previous courses in the Digital Public Humanities graduate certificate at George Mason University have been very informative, looking at different technologies, why they are used and how that information is used to engage with the public. They have also addressed how to identify target audiences, user interface, exhibit building, and the incorporation of interactive features such as mobile mapping.

I am now starting the third course, Teaching and Learning History in the Digital Age. What I am hoping to get out of this course is how to present information to students, so that they engage with and learn from primary source materials. To often the projects I work on focus first on the historian or researcher. However, this same information could be used successfully by students if presented correctly and they would be able to gain a deeper understanding of history in general. By gaining a better understanding of how digital history is brought into the classroom, I will be able to integrate new techniques and approaches into the digital editions that I help to create.

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