American Spirits – Proposal

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When considering historical events, one does not immediately consider the role spirits such as whiskey, bourbon, and rum played in the United States. The distillation of these alcoholic beverages were a popular past time of colonial and post-colonial Americans. This past time and the need to replenish government funding led […]

Audience, Engagement, and Co-creation

When creating a digital public history project, it is important to consider the target audience, engagement with such an audience, and how these two concepts can be used together to create a better product. By formulating a target audience and determining how to engage with them, it will be possible […]

Performing User Research

User research is a resourceful way to gauge how users may interact with something that you create. In order to perform any user research, it is important to first identify a target audience. ┬áThis step is important in identifying the type of users that will be a part of the […]