Final Project – Fifth Piece

One of the resources that I will be using in my project is titled “Women Merchants and Milliners in Eighteenth Century Williamsburg” by Eleanor Kelley Cabell that was published by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in August 1988. There are several reasons that I chose to use to resource. First and […]

Final Project – Fourth Piece

John S.C. Schaak, Tavern Interior, 1762

One of the images that I have chosen for my final project is a painting by British painter John S.C. Schaak from 1762. While the scene is quite possible set in England it is important to remember the similarities in many aspects between Colonial America and England. The central and […]

Historical Film and Historical Thinking

For a previous assignment on using historical feature films to teach, I considered a hypothetical exhibit on The Age of Imperialism (1870 – 1914) using the feature film The Last Samurai. The themes for this exhibit would show the mindset of Europeans to other cultures, how foreign governments paid Western […]

Has History Teaching Really Changed

It seems that the simple act of remembering facts, dates, and events, as been at the core of history teaching over the decades. The early 20th century saw a heavy focus on testing students’ fact based history knowledge with fairly poor results. Testing over the decades have rarely proved to […]

Incorporating Digital Tools

As I think more concretely about my class project and how to incorporate digital tools/media, I have thought about two possible solutions. My project will be focused on women who challenged the stereotypical gender roles of colonial America. The women being focused on were business women and I am thinking […]

Idea for Summer Semester Project

For my semester project I am thinking about creating a digital project focusing on women in Colonial/ Early America. The project will use primary source documents to tell the story of a handful of women living in Williamsburg during the mid 18th century. These women were not social elites, the […]

How to Encourage Historical Thinking

We have looked at how three different individuals discuss historical thinking and how students make sense of the past. Each had some similar thoughts, especially in regards to the need to step away from strict, fact based teaching. However, they also differed in some aspects of their approach. These readings […]

Project Update


After going through module 8, which focused on landscape and mobile, I began working on another exhibit. This exhibit is a story map of the American Whiskey Trail. Created by the Distilled Spirits Council, the trail consists of historic sites and operating distilleries that provide background into the historical and […]

Oral History Projects in DPH

Like other aspects of digital public humanities, digital technologies have impacted how oral history is done. The use of these technologies allows for oral histories to be more readily available. While this is great, there are still some things left to be considered, such as cost, efficiency, and quality control. […]