Using Wikipedia


From an early age, I, like many others, were discouraged from using Wikipedia as a source of information. However, in 15 years, this freely available, crowd sourced encyclopedia contains more than 3 million articles and has significantly impacted how information is found online. The articles range from definitions and explanations […]

Data Visualization Tools Compared


Data visualization is an important aspect of digital humanities. Visualizations allow people to analyze their content by presenting the data using pictorial, graphical, and mapping formats. It allows for concepts to be investigated further and also for potentially new concepts to emerge. While important, data visualizations can sometimes be difficult […]

The ProQuest Research Library


Overview | Facts | History | Reviews | Access | Citing Overview The ProQuest Research Library provides access to full-text periodicals – journals, professional publications, trade publications, magazines, biographies, correspondence, images and much more. There are thousands of periodicals, covering a range of over 150 subjects and topics. As a […]