Audience for Final Project

My final class project will center around a handful of women who lived during 18th century Williamsburg. These women were working individuals – milliners, tavern keepers, printers, and music teachers. They did not adhere to the stereotype of the colonial woman. The audience for this project will be 6-11 grade […]

HIST694 – Final Post

I have recently put the final touches on the beta version of my project American Spirits: A History of American Spirits. Created for the HIST694 course for digital public humanities, this project reflects some of the topics and discussions that took place over the semester. The project itself addressed how […]

Oral History Projects in DPH

Like other aspects of digital public humanities, digital technologies have impacted how oral history is done. The use of these technologies allows for oral histories to be more readily available. While this is great, there are still some things left to be considered, such as cost, efficiency, and quality control. […]

Project Update, Exhibit Work

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 8.45.22 PM

Last week I focused more on the exhibit layout, looking for ways to display the different exhibits and to divide up the information into sections, on different pages, so that they were not too overwhelming. The work is best illustrated by looking at the exhibits page and at the Whiskey […]

Community Historians and Their Challenges

Scholars and local historians have the same overreaching goals: to preserve history and to present historical events and facts to the public. While they share overreaching goals, scholars tend to focus on how the historical information fits into a larger picture, for example, highlighting the role, outcome, and affects of […]

American Spirits – Proposal

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When considering historical events, one does not immediately consider the role spirits such as whiskey, bourbon, and rum played in the United States. The distillation of these alcoholic beverages were a popular past time of colonial and post-colonial Americans. This past time and the need to replenish government funding led […]