HIST 689 – Intro

I am the Academic Discipline-Specific Technology Professional (ADSTP) at the Washington Papers (formerly known as the Papers of George Washington) and the Project Developer for the Center for Digital Editing where I work on digital documentary editing projects at the University of Virginia. Last year I attended DHSI (the Digital Humanities Summer Institute) in Victoria, Canada where […]

Audience, Engagement, and Co-creation

When creating a digital public history project, it is important to consider the target audience, engagement with such an audience, and how these two concepts can be used together to create a better product. By formulating a target audience and determining how to engage with them, it will be possible […]

Project Social Media Strategy


The Afro-Caribbean Annals This project is a digital archive of pre-19th century materials related to the Caribbean. By bringing these materials together, this project can help to shed light and insights on the history of Caribbean as it is known today, providing textual documents relating to the plantations. It will […]



Crowdsourcing is the enlistment of unpaid (or sometimes paid) help for a particular task(s) of a project. It is a form of engagement but also a way to help with the load of data entry or transcription work of large projects. Projects can make crowdsourcing one aspect of their project […]

A DH Definition


The term digital humanities is a dynamic one whose definition has been growing over the years to be more comprehensive and inclusive. Originating as the term ‘humanities computing’, DH was just scratching the surface of what it could and would be. These early explanations of ‘humanities computing’ focused on how […]