Project Update


After going through module 8, which focused on landscape and mobile, I began working on another exhibit. This exhibit is a story map of the American Whiskey Trail. Created by the Distilled Spirits Council, the trail consists of historic sites and operating distilleries that provide background into the historical and […]

Oral History Projects in DPH

Like other aspects of digital public humanities, digital technologies have impacted how oral history is done. The use of these technologies allows for oral histories to be more readily available. While this is great, there are still some things left to be considered, such as cost, efficiency, and quality control. […]

Project Update, Exhibit Work

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Last week I focused more on the exhibit layout, looking for ways to display the different exhibits and to divide up the information into sections, on different pages, so that they were not too overwhelming. The work is best illustrated by looking at the exhibits page and at the Whiskey […]

Digital Public History and Place


As technology has continued to evolve, it has allowed for public history and the approaches taken to do digital public history to change as well. Often times projects are seeking to tell the story of a particular person, event, or even location. Those projects concerned with location in particular have […]

Slavery at Monticello Mobile App

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Earlier this year I visited Monticello in order to see the exhibit, Landscape of Slavery: Mulberry Row at Monticello. This exhibit seeks to replicate the primary plantation street that was the center of work and domestic life for people at Monticello – free whites and blacks, servants, and slaves. While […]

Community Historians and Their Challenges

Scholars and local historians have the same overreaching goals: to preserve history and to present historical events and facts to the public. While they share overreaching goals, scholars tend to focus on how the historical information fits into a larger picture, for example, highlighting the role, outcome, and affects of […]

American Spirits – Proposal

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When considering historical events, one does not immediately consider the role spirits such as whiskey, bourbon, and rum played in the United States. The distillation of these alcoholic beverages were a popular past time of colonial and post-colonial Americans. This past time and the need to replenish government funding led […]